Here’s what Logan Lerman has to say about returning to the new Percy Jackson series

Last May 15, Rick Riordan revealed that a Percy Jackson series is officially in development after years of pleading from loyal readers.

After getting over the initial excitement, fans immediately began campaigning for Logan Lerman – who played Percy in the movie adaptation – to reappear in the series with another role. The popular choice seems to be Poseidon this time around.

But what does Logan himself think of returning to the franchise? In an interview with Access Online, Logan professed that he’s open to anything.

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“I’m curious to see what’s gonna happen with it. I’m just glad that Rick Riordan, the writer, is in control—it seems like he’s in control or has a lot of say,” Logan began. “I’m not sure how much say he had in the Fox productions that we did way back when, 10 years ago.”

He continued: “You know, they mentioned an announcement but the truth is it’s a whole process of development where you have to get, you know, good scripts together and get it greenlit by the network.”

“I’d be curious to see how it comes along, and if there’s a good role for me, and those things, and I’m right for it, you know of course I would consider,” Logan finished.

What do you think about this?

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