Here’s What Kris Aquino Had to Say About the Whole Barretto Feud

The Barretto feud is playing like a teleserye, with new characters being introduced each day. Now, Kris Aquino is getting involved, too. Or should we say, doesn’t want to get involved?

For those who don’t have an idea what’s going on, here’s a summary: Gretchen and Marjorie have been firing nonstop at each other on social media following their alleged scuffle at their father’s wake.

Gretchen has even thrown shade at Marjorie’s daughter Julia as well as brother J.J.’s daughter Nicole, both of whom are also at odds with her.

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posting a picture that’s around 50 years old, one i can’t help but think my siblings may often wish had been just the way it could’ve been, with just the 4 of them: ate, pinky, noy, and viel. That’s viel being held by our dad, who was chubby when this was taken, and look how skinny our mom was… you see viel was born October 27, 1961, and i didn’t come along until almost 10 years later. Our mom thought she was done with having kids, born when she was 22, 24, 27, and 28- until humabol ako when she was 38. My sister Viel is the most shy among all of us, and she hates when i quote her in any of my posts- but i think the birthday girl will forgive me when i say: whenever i feel like giving up, i look at some of the texts she’s sent me, the ones when she tells me how remarkable it is that bimb is mature, intelligent, well adjusted, extremely polite, always saying thank you, and how truly loving and lovable joshy, her inaanak, is… ours isn’t a perfect family, we sisters have our differences and disagreements- but i am so GRATEFUL that my sisters LOVE me and LOVE my sons even more. Happy Birthday, Viel. Ang swerte ko to have sisters like you, pinky, and Ate. Thanks for really being someone the 2 boys and i can count on. We love you. I’m not allowed to mention the achievements of her kids, BUT she’s one truly awesome mom! ?

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Aquino’s involvement began when the Queen of All Media posted a childhood photo of her siblings Ballsy, Pinky, Noynoy, and Viel, with their parents, Cory and Ninoy Aquino. The post was to wish her sister Viel a happy birthday.

A follower commented, “I hope you sisters won’t fight like the Barretto wild crazy sisters!! Lol!!

To that, Aquino replied, “You know that they are grieving, right? And there’s no need for us to add to their pain?”

Other followers have praised the host, with one saying, “You’re so nice, Kris. Very considerate with this kind of occasion.”

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