Here’s What Happened to the Dog who played Stella in Modern Family

BTW her name’s Beatrice

Modern Family Stella

Photo from the Modern Family Fandom

We can all agree that Stella was just as important as any of the family members in the popular sitcom “Modern Family”. She was introduced during the second season of the series as Jay Pritchett’s pet dog and has been the apple of his eye since then. Even more than his own wife Gloria, which became a recurring joke in the series.

Stella is a French Bulldog with a penchant for destroying Gloria’s things. She was originally the dog of a trainer who couldn’t keep her. Jay then reluctantly took her in and in a strange twist, loved her the most in the end. During Stella’s debut, a French Bulldog named Brigitte played her character but was replaced by Beatrice during season 4. Unfortunately, Beatrice passed away a few days after filming the final episode on February 21, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Brigitte clearly made an impact in the lives of the cast, most especially for Jesse Tyler Ferguson— the actor of Mitchelle Pritchett— who posted a tribute on his Twitter account:

Rest in Peace, Beatrice. We’ll miss you.

(Modern Family’s two-part season finale is set to air on April 8.)

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