Here’s what Bela Padilla feels about portraying strong, independent women roles…

This December, Bella Padilla will be on the big screen portraying strong, independent women roles in her two upcoming films.

In Paul Soriano’s Mañanita, Padilla plays Edilberta – an ex-military sniper who loses her job, her purpose, until she accepts a mission that changes her life. Meanwhile, her role in the Philippine remake of Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a lawyer.

Mañanita is among the eight Filipino films featured in the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival and will be showing nationwide on December 4, while Miracle in Cell No. 7 will be in cinemas December 25 as an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2019.

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Just imagine how heavy it could have been to fill the shoes of these characters after seeing both trailers given the background stories of these women. Luckily, Bela Padilla graced us the opportunity to ask her about the films on her Twitter account.

Our question was this: how do you feel about being able to portray strong women in both of your upcoming movies? She answered, “I am always deeply humbled to tell the stories of all kinds of women. In a sense, they feel like family.”

A netizen also asked what unique sort of attack is Padilla planning to hurt viewers with, in reference to the heartbreaking film, Miracle in Cell No. 7. Her reply was “a quick one-two punch.”

Bela Padilla previously starred in love stories such as 100 Tula Para Kay Stella, Meet Me in St. Gallen, Luck at First Sight, and dramatic comedy film Camp Sawi.

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