Here’s What Atom Araullo Has to Say to Clarify His Resignation

Atom Araullo

A few days ago, stories about Atom Araullo resigning his news reporting duties on ABS-CBN went viral on social media.

Yesterday, those stories were confirmed. Araullo apparently resigned from his reportorial duties although he will still be hosting “Umagang Kay Ganda” and “Red Alert”.

Rumors regarding his resignation then went ablaze on social media. Some say that it is due to his strong stance regarding certain political issues.

Today, Araullo released a statement via his Facebook page to straighten things out.

Here’s what he said:

For clarity.

I quietly resigned as a news reporter of ABS-CBN a few weeks ago to explore other areas of media and to grow as a journalist. However, I continue to work with the network and our programs. My political views were not a factor in making this decision.

Having studied pressing issues based on fact and with an open mind, journalists, like any other individual, should ultimately stand up for the truth. This does not weaken our journalism, it strengthens it. Our guiding principles are fairness and accuracy. As we face tougher scrutiny from the public, we in media also strive to be more transparent and open to criticism.

I thank everyone for the support they expressed on social media. I look forward to playing my role in the debates and issues to come.

We hope that clarified things regarding him leaving his reportorial duties.

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