Here’s to all the Stand-in Dads in Our Lives

Article by: Karl Batungbacal

Father’s Day is usually when we take time out of our busy lives to thank the fathers who were there for us from the very beginning. Truth be told, not everyone has the luxury of being with their father for a substantial amount of time in their lives, sometimes because of things they can’t control.

Then again, some people’s roles in society become blurred to the point that a single person can live multiple lives. Well, now is the time they receive the recognition they deserve. Here’s to all the stand-in dads in our lives:

The Profs

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Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to see if our professors care for us beyond the classroom because most people only their responsibility inside the classroom. However, there are some professors who we consciously (or unconsciously) develop a bond with. These are the relationships that we tend to look back fondly with our friends because the professors who understand a student’s struggles are much more memorable.

The Tropa

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Regardless if it’s talking about our crushes and relationship problems or the latest trends in sports, or simply going out for a drink, there’s that one person in the group who always acts as the responsible one. They are usually the ones who say things like “text me when you guys get home so I know you’re safe” or the ones who make sure everyone gets home safe.

The Moms

McDonald's Father's Day Dads Andrea Chan

Portrayed in so many stories in Philippine pop culture, the mom who doubles as a dad per her duties is one of the most guilty of not being given respect. Truth be told, the double duty mom works harder than anyone we’ve ever met.

The Titos

In most families, Tito (brother of either parent) take up the challenge of raising a kid in place of their parents. There are many instances of this in Filipino culture and it’s not an entirely farfetched idea to have a Tito (or  a Tita) raise a child. With the trend of parents leaving the country to work abroad, they are then seen by the children as their role models in life.

The Older Siblings

People forget that some of us look up to our elder siblings for strength and support in times when our dads aren’t present. They take up the role of the dad and become a father figure to his younger siblings. In most Filipino families, the older siblings are also expected to take up the role of the father so that the mother won’t be overworked to provide for the family.

A father’s love is always present in the most unexpected of places so might as well be thankful for them, right?

Anyone mentioned remind you of someone?


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