Here’s How You Can Prettify and Organize your Journals

When friends find out about the way I journal, the usual thing they say is that I give it a lot of effort. While I’ve always loved to write and draw, it was only in the recent years that I actually started on journaling. At first, I saw it as a task to be done, but as the years went by, I began to enjoy it through the incorporation of layouts, designs, and even themes. There are a lot of ways to put one’s thoughts down on paper. As for me, creative journaling works best. Words alone are not enough for me to express my ideas and feelings, so I usually add charms and decors to my journal prompts and entries.

If you are someone who can relate, you may want to check out these four things that you can use to prettify and even organize your daykeepers! 🙂

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I used to journal weekly, but it became difficult due to my current workload. Still, I make sure to write whenever I need to organize my thoughts, let out some heavy feelings, and jot down special memories and moments. To keep things organized and efficient, I put bookmarks on the next blank page of my journal so I can easily write whatever I need to write whenever and wherever I need and want to. To add fun in the process, I try to get bookmarks whose designs showcase various things I love.

Chihiro and Haku bookmarksThese Chihiro and Haku bookmarks make me want to sing Inochi no Namae (The Name of Life)

No Face bookmarkAh… Ah…

Pokemon bookmarksPokemon bookmarks

Yuri on Ice bookmarksYuri!!! on Ice bookmarks


I utilize postcards when I want to highlight something or as alternatives to photos. Most of the time, my postcards are that of my favorite artist, anime, book, or even a scene from a movie which left a huge impact on me.

Haikyuu postcards
There was this time last year when I really got into Haikyuu!, a sports anime. I still love it now and actually can’t wait for the fourth season.

 Harry Potter postcard

My love for the magical world of Harry Potter may not be the “always” kind of love Severus Snape has for Lily Potter, but when Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them was released last year, it reignited the Potterhead in me and I actually had the urge to reread all seven books + Cursed Child + Fantastic Beasts the Original Screenplay!

Little Prince postcardWhat is Essential is Invisible to the Eye

Washi tapes and stickers

I’m a huge fan of washis and stickers as they are outright useful. In journaling, they can be used as bullets, borders, dividers, and more. It honestly takes a lot of self-control not to buy all those kawaii designs that I see online or at the malls. To save my wallet from crying, I try to only get those whose quality and designs I love.

Anime washis

(From top to bottom) The Little Prince, No Face, Haikyuu! washi tapes

Anime stickersA selection of anime and book-inspired stickers

All of these products are made with love and wit by Sticks and Tones, a shop owned by two passionate individuals, Kristine and Isa, who dreams of growing a sustainable business that will enable them to make a living by doing what they love—drawing and illustrating. The two shared: “We were in college and we weren’t called Sticks and Tones back then. We were both broke and didn’t have a lot of time in our hands. But we could not shake our hobby of drawing and illustrating. We decided to give having booth at conventions a shot; this is where Sticks and Tones began.”

Sticks and Tones

Instagram: @sticks.and.tones

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