Here’s How You Can Get Up To Php12,000 Cashback by Using your Credit Card

I’ve been looking into low interest rates because I thought it’s the best thing in a credit card until I stumbled upon different cashback programs or rebates.  Cashback cards let you enjoy shopping while earning back a part of what you spend for.   With the pandemic, what used to be budgeted for travel, clothes, dining out and other luxury items, are now spent for groceries, mobile and internet subscriptions, and school essentials given the shift to online learning.

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The new Metrobank Cashback Visa is here to provide customers a way to be rewarded for spending for their essentials- helping them save while they use their credit card.   It gives up to 8% rebate on these essential categories:  groceries, telecoms, school and bookstore spend.

You can get up to 8% rebate when you shop at supermarkets such as SM, S&R, Landmark, and even online groceries such as MetroMart, Coop Grocer and Pushkart; when you pay for your telecom subscriptions with Globe, Smart, PLDT, SkyCable, Netflix and Viu, to name a few; when you purchase school supplies at National Bookstore and Fully Booked; and when you pay tuition fees at schools like Ateneo de Manila, La Salle, Miriam College and San Beda.

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Earn up to 8% rebate on your essentials when you reach the Php 12,000 outstore spend on non- essential categories such as fuel, electricity bills, food take-out, online shopping, etc.   What’s good to note is that these items are what we also spend on monthly, making it easier to reach the outstore spend required. Plus, you still earn a rebate on all your outstore purchases at 0.2%.

Your supplementary card can also earn cashback that will apply to the principal cardholder. This means getting more rebates faster.

You can get as much as Php1,000 per month or Php12,000 per year in rebates. The Annual membership fee for the first year is also free! 

Don’t spend more, spend smart with the Metrobank Cashback Visa.  Get up to 8% rebate on essential spend, on your first 6 months, when you apply until August 31, 2021. After the first 6 months, Cashback Visa cardholders can still enjoy up to 5% rebate on essential purchases.

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