Here’s how people reacted on Ellen DeGeneres joking that being in quarantine is like ‘being in jail’

A huge portion of the world is in quarantine right now.

Even celebrities in Hollywood seem to be sheltering at home.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres took this time to air an episode right from her home. The intention was good as she said, “I wanted to start doing my new show as soon as possible because it’s really for people who are stuck at home, and especially my staff and crew. I love them, I miss them, and the best thing I can do to support them is to keep the show on the air.”

However, one of her  jokes stirred drama after some people called her out for comparing self-quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic to “being in jail.”

“One thing that I’ve learned from being in quarantine is that people this is like being in jail, is what it is,” DeGeneres said. “It’s mostly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone in here is gay.”

The video, which as of Wednesday afternoon was listed as “unavailable” on YouTube, was deemed “tone deaf” by some viewers, who responded to the episode in the comments section of the platform.

Moreover, people took it to Twitter to share their thoughts.

In the middle of the criticisms, one came on her side and said it was just a joke.

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