Here’s How People Are Dealing With the Existence of “Kuya Omu-Rice”

I’m sure you’ve already heard of “Kuya Omu-Rice” or that cute Japanese guy who was spotted selling his own homemade omurice in the streets. If you haven’t, let me break it down for you.

This Japanese guy went viral over social media when a few netizens shared photos of him selling omurice, or Japanese omelet, in the streets. People thought he’s insanely cute, making whatever it is that he’s selling a lot more sellable.

Based on reports, Kuya Sawa aka. Kuya Omu-Rice is a 23-year old socio-political college student and is allegedly in the Philippines to work on his thesis.

Carrying his products in an ice bucket, he goes around Metro Manila selling each omurice roll at Php 35, announcing his location on his Facebook page which now has more than 90,000 likes.

And because we Pinoys love good food and good-looking people, here’s what people are saying about Kuya Omu-Rice:




So apparently, people will actually go out and endure our Manila traffic just to taste his omurice, while others are actually content with expressing their feelings on social media–also trying to get his attention.

The unfortunate news is that while he’s pretty active on Facebook and Twitter, all that fame has prevented him from answering all your messages. The best way to spot him is to wait for his updates go out into the streets.

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Based on his latest update, he’s sick and couldn’t bring his omurice to the streets. Still, his avid fans are ready to buy his products once he’s back.

I’m just going to say that he picked the right country to sell his omurice.

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