Here’s a smarter way to avoid handshakes due to Covid-19

Since there’s a fear of Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, many people are trying to do the best they can to prevent the transfer of the virus.

For instance, doing handshakes is discouraged but people found an innovative way to do away with it.

It’s called a “feet bump,” which is basically like a fist bump but using the feet.

A video going around on reddit shows how this is done.

People in China found another way to greet since they cant shake hands from r/funny

In the video, two men wearing a face mask approach each other and are about to greet each other in the conventional method of a handshake. However, instead of actually doing a handshake, they tap each other’s foot or do a “feet bump.”

Covid-19 is known to spread through prolonged or direct contact with an infected person. The virus can spread through droplets too.

Considering the number of surfaces and items we touch with our hands, the virus could be easily transmitted through handshakes, as it is spread by droplets or contamination of surfaces.

For instance, France has warned its people to refrain from shaking hands, Reuters reported.

In the Philippines, head of churches sprinkled ash on the forehead of churchgoers on Ash Wednesday.

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