Here’s What Vicki Belo Had to Say About Julia Barretto’s Braless Photo

Julia Barretto recently posted a photo of herself on Instagram lounging around at home during quarantine. In the photo, Julia is seen wearing a white shirt and sweatpants, and netizens were quick to point out that it looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra.

After reading some of the negative comments, Vicki Belo posted Julia’s photo on her own Instagram account along with some comments of her own. “Julia Barretto’s post got some negative comments when she posted a photo of her lounging at home braless,” she said. “I think Julia is right. Sometimes, it’s better not to wear a bra if you’re just lounging around, especially if your breasts are not over a B cup or are not sagging.”

Vicki then proceeded to talk about the benefits of not wearing a bra: “Not wearing a bra allows for better blood circulation, especially in the lung and breast area. Secondly, bra straps can be pressing on the area between the shoulder and the neck leading to neck pain. #LetTheBreastsBreathe.”

Julia has been pretty open in the past about not being fond of wearing bras since her size is on the smaller side. She even shared an anecdote about hoarding nipple tape before, something that many women could relate to and praised her for.

Any ladies out there prefer going braless, as well?

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