Here are Some of Our Favorite Sablay Tweets This Year

It’s graduation time once again and obviously, the most prestigious moment of a UP student’s life is when they get to proudly move their Sablay to the left and announce that they have finally graduated.

On Twitter, @JhioAranzaso shared his appreciation for the people who have posted about the journey to their Sablay moments with the following tweet:


We did the same. But we also stumbled upon some unique, heartwarming and sometimes sad stories while going through Sablay tweets this year, like Ludwig Dasalla who perfectly described how hard a long distance relationship can be:

And Lawrence Gabriel, who sadly won’t see his friend Roel wear his own Sablay:


But there are also those like Gus, who is super proud to have graduated on time despite the ‘fiery race’ (that now feels like heaven) that he went through:


And on the flip side, we have Clarus Cortes, who took longer to get there (but he did – and that’s what matters!):


And this couple who graduated together:


We are super inspired by the stronger and bolder Gela D:


What’s your favorite Sablay story? Or maybe you’d like to share your own? 🙂