Here Are Lenten Friendly Dishes at our Favorite Restaurants

Your favorite Moment shops have got vegetable and seafood dishes to keep you satisfied all meatless season long

Whether you’re temporarily cutting meat out of your Friday plans or out of your diet entirely, there’s bound to be a meatless Moment dish for you. Here are all the seafood and vegetable dishes you can enjoy at Manam, 8Cuts, Ooma, and Din Tai Fung.

Manam’s dagat at gulay paboritos

Manam’s menu of classics and twists includes a variety of all-day seafood and vegetable fare for mas malinamnam na meatless meals. This tasty selection includes the House Tofu Sisig (starts at P160), a healthy but hearty take on Manam’s classic House Crispy Sisig made of fried tofu cubes doused in a meatless version of Manam’s secret sisig sauce, and topped with fried okra, scallions, and fresh green chillies for an extra kick.


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Meanwhile, sinigang lovers can swap their paboritong short rib and watermelon for another comforting twist to the beloved Pinoy sabaw, the Sinigang na Salmon Head sa Miso at Guyabano (starts at P265). Other tasty seafood options include the tender Inihaw na Pusit (starts at P275) and the soft Baby Squid in Olive Oil and Garlic (starts at P175).

Big 8Cuts fish to fry

For those in search of non-meat burgers which are just as satisfying, 8Cuts has got The Fish ‘Wich (P265), which stacks a crispy-crunchy fried white fish filet, a refreshing red ‘n’ purple slaw, and a creamy lime-dill mayo in between two hot buns. It’s a certified 8Cuts crowd-pleaser with all the makings of becoming your new favorite thing to order on Fridays or any other day.


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Another non-meat option on the 8Cuts menu is The Falafel (P265). Consider your day’s vegetables covered as this burger is stuffed with a chickpea patty, piled high with red onion, tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber, and topped off with a tangy lime-basil tartar.

Ooma’s head-on take on Ebi Tempura

Ooma puts a unique spin on Ebi Tempura by frying up a juicy Nobashi shrimp coated in a crunchy but light batter and then leaving the deep-fried shrimp head on. The seven-piece Ooma Ebi Tempura (P470), which is meant to be shared, is also served with three dipping sauces: a classic soy-dashi-based tempura sauce, an umami-building aligue mayo, and a vibrant herb aioli.


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Meanwhile, the Ebi Tempura and Roasted Tomato Soba (P365) combines the crunch and slight sweetness of the Ebi Tempura with a cold, fragrant, and refreshing bowl of soba, which has got a chewy and earthy bite. In true Ooma style, this dish is bold, stylish, and best slurped up enthusiastically.

Seafood and vegetable Din Tai Fung specials

Din Tai Fung prides itself in the variety of dishes diners can discover and enjoy at every DTF visit. Its world-famous wontons, for one, come in multiple forms, including the Crispy Vegetarian Mushroom Wontons (P220). Every order of this tasty snack comes with six juicy, meatless dumplings fried for an added crunch that makes them a true joy to munch on. Dip them in the complementary sweet-spicy sauce for added flavor.

Seafood options are also abundant on DTF’s menu. The Salted Egg Yolk Prawns (starts at P435) result in an unforgettable explosion of texture and flavor in every piece, while the Salt and Pepper Squid (P410) comes in light bites that feature balanced flavors.

All of these non-meat dishes pair perfectly with the vegetable-forward Truffle Mushroom Fried Rice (P335) and any of DTF’s savory greens like Winged Bean in Toasted Sesame Oil and Garlic (P245), Stir-fried Chinese Bok Choy (P200), and Stir-fried Watercress (P210).