Here Are Just Some Of The Coolest Concept Barbershops Around The Metro

Today’s fashion-forward men are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to getting a haircut. No longer restricted to the local barbero who’s been around since your grandfather’s father’s time or to your girlfriend’s local salon, several barbershops have popped up around the metro, each with their own distinct look and style to match the modern bro (or gent. Whichever you prefer.)

So whether you’re a sporty dude, a bro on the go, or a stylish gent, here are just some of the awesome concept barbershops you have to check out.

Spectre Manila

For today’s gents who desire the classic barber experience with a modern touch, head on down to Spectre. Spectre is a premier lifestyle concept store for men who want to be the best version of themselves, offering suits by Tiño, leather goods, as well as a men’s barbershop by Union Station. Their flagship service, the Spectre Supreme Cut, is the ultimate pampering experience: a haircut, massage, singeing, with some premier cologne from Fulton & Roark to finish. You are also served with either whiskey or coffee, according to your preference.

The Village Barber and Supply Shop

A bright ambiance from the floor-to-ceiling windows with white walls, natural wood, and copper accents, the Village Barber has a warm and welcoming ambiance. It’s truly a man cave, with craft drinks, beautiful vintage barber chairs, and a selection of curated reading material.

HQ Barbershop

With unhurried service and luxury treatments on one end, HQ Barbershop sits on the other side of the men’s grooming spectrum. It’s clearly not a luxe barbershop, but it’s far from your streetside barber, either. This sleek, tiny barbershop provides no-frills, straightforward 10-minute (!!!) cuts which is just perfect for the man on the go. Everything has been pared down to minimize clutter and distraction — there’s no receptionist waiting at the counter, nor are there rows of hair products to persuade you from staying a few minutes longer for a purchase. There is an electronic ticketing machine which lets you pay and queue until a barber calls you to his station. The process takes all of 10 minutes, which a vacuum cleans up stray hairs on your head and shoulder. Very high-tech and fuss-free!

Bond St. Social

For those from the South looking for their own man cave, you don’t have to travel up North for a premium cut. Bond St. Social, named after the Old Bond Street in London where the oldest barbershop was set up. It’s a fitting homage, with their classic hairstyle offerings (they specialize in fades) and a gentleman’s community.

Smash Brothers Barbershop

Meanwhile, great service doesn’t always have to come at a hefty price, and Smash Brothers shows that. The shop just moved to their new location in Teacher’s Village, still offering their classic cuts at affordable prices. Smash Brothers is a favorite of fitness buffs and athletic types, counting cager Mac Belo as one of their clients.


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