Here Are 7 Gift Ideas For Your Man This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is upon us once again and with it comes some serious brainstorming about what to get our partners. Men may have it easy as they can get their wives or girlfriends flowers or chocolate, but for men and women dating men, it can be a challenge to think of what to get. Worry not, as has a few gift ideas for the day of hearts:

7. A new wallet

Spectre wallet Bellroy e1501326848583

If your man is carrying an old wallet dating back to his college (or God forbid, high school) days, it’s time for an upgrade. Go for something sleek like a leather wallet from Bellroy, which is slim enough to carry his cards and cash without making his back pocket look bulky.

6. Solid cologne

Spectre Fulton and Roark cologne 1 e1513603373163

A scent says a lot about a man before he even says anything and if you want your partner to stand out from the boys, go for something unique like solid cologne from Fulton & Roark. We recommend the Tybee scent’s woody and musky notes. Solid colognes last longer and are easier to put on and store: swipe in key parts of the body and store in a bag or pocket.

5. Pomade

Spectre Products opt

Keep your man’s locks in check with a good pomade. The London Grooming Company pomade can make him look like old Hollywood actors like James Dean with a lot of shine and a strong hold. For something less shiny, we recommend Percy Nobleman’s pomade, which is also water-soluble. Whatever your choice, both are best for classic haircuts that are popular now.

4. A bespoke watch

Spectre SevenFriday Undone watches e1501326269767

Men have limited options when it comes to accessories and watches are the top on the list. Give him one but make it better: Undone’s watches are bespoke, which means you can have them customized to his liking.

3. A good suit

Spectre 11

As we mature, suits are becoming an essential in a man’s wardrobe. Give him something timeless like a suit from Tiño’s, the first and only haberdashery that offers bespoke suits in the country. A bespoke suit is the hallmark of a true gentleman: it’s an investment piece that is specifically tailored for the individual wearer. Bespoke suits have patterns created from scratch, made to fit the exact specifications of an individual’s body so the suit fits, moves, and falls on his body perfectly.

2. A good pair of shoes

Spectre Loake leather shoes e1501326600457

A good suit will mean nothing with bad shoes. Upgrade your man’s footwear with some classy kicks like those from British shoe brand Loake. They have oxfords, monkstraps, and more, which will add a touch of style in the office or on date night.

1. A haircut

Spectre Cut e1516279737968

Why don’t you give your partner some pampering time with a good haircut? At Union Station, you can get the Spectre Supreme Cut, which comes with a haircut, massage, singeing, and cologne from Fulton & Roark. For those not familiar with singeing, it’s when the barber uses flames to remove ear hair. He can also have a cup of coffee or a glass of whisky for the complete experience.

All these products and services are available at Spectre, a a premier lifestyle concept store that caters to Metro Manila’s modern gentleman. It is essentially a man cave, a space that indulges men in the elements of sophistication. The store has every quintessential feature that make up a well-heeled man: there’s a bespoke suit shop, leather goods, a classic barbershop, and a whiskey bar.

So if ever you’re wondering what to get your man this Valentine’s, you know where to look!


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