Here are 4 Simple Ways to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

One challenging part of being a furparent is cutting a dog’s nails. Many are sensitive to their paws so it can be tough to make them stay still while grooming them. If you’re looking for hacks to make the process easier for both you and your furbaby, here are four simple ones:

Before we get started, here’s how to cut their nails, according to the American Kennel Club:

cut dog cat nails

Photo by the American Kennel Club

Let’s get down to business to cutting your pet’s nails!

cut dog nails

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1. The meet the clipper method

dog nails

Image by ulisesbeviglia from Pixabay

This is the most straightforward way of cutting your pet’s nails. This means letting them know you’re about to cut their nails without any distractions. To do this, you have to introduce the clipper or grinder so they get comfortable around it. Here’s a step by step procedure recommended by the American Kennel Club:

  • Day 1: Let your puppy sniff the nail clipper or grinder. Give a treat and praise.
  • Day 2: Touch the nail clipper or grinder lightly to each paw. Give a treat and praise.
  • Day 3: Touch the nail clipper to each paw and squeeze the clipper so the puppy hears the sound, or turn the grinder on and let the puppy feel the vibration. Don’t actually trim a nail. Give a treat and praise.
  • Day 4: Touch the nail clipper or grinder to your puppy’s feet again. Give a treat and praise.
  • Day 5: Try trimming off just the very tiniest tip from one front paw nail. Only do one nail. Offer lots of happy praise and a treat if your puppy lets you.  Even if he lets you, just do one. Repeat every day until he lets you do this and doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Day 6: Try trimming just the tip off of just two nails.
  • Day 7: Keep working your way up, trimming additional nails each day, until you’ve got them all and your puppy doesn’t mind. Practice even when you don’t need to clip a nail. Even pretending you are clipping and going through the motions help your pup get used to the whole process.

2. The peanut butter method

Many are sharing how they distract their dogs with peanut butter when it’s time to cut nails. They wrap plastic film around their heads, put lots of peanut butter on it, and get their dogs to lick it while they tend to the nails.

3. The burrito method

This method is helpful for smaller pets. In the burrito, you simply wrap them in a towel like a burrito with their legs sticking them. Since they are snuggled up in a towel, they won’t be able to move and it will be easier to cut their nails.

4. The sling/carrier method

The sling method involves cutting holes in a bag (and sometimes a towel) and holding them up, while someone cuts their nails. You can also use a baby carrier! Watch the video starting at 2:06. The video also notes that the bag method is not recommended for sensitive pets.

If your pet is too nervous when it comes it having its nails trimmed, it’s best to go to a professional to avoid injuries.

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