Henry Cavill Says He Has a Lot in Common With Geralt of Rivia

We got to talk to Henry Cavill about The Witcher Season 2 during a recent Zoom interview and when asked whether he has anything in common with the White Wolf, he shares that there are actually several similarities.

“Both of us have lived the life of a loner, really, and a bit of a nomad. We’ve sort of been hopping from place to place. I have a select group of friends and I have four brothers who are at home and who have their own lives. I have friends in different places in the same way that Geralt does. He’s always on the path. He’s always traveling. He may stop by an old village or town and have a relationship with this person because he’s either been passing through and met them and had a conversation, or he’s killed a monster there before or helped out there before. And so, Geralt and I have a similar relationship with the world in that way. We’re always on the move. In different places, we have different groups of friends.”

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Photo from Netflix

Henry also shares that he is still evolving his version of Geralt as it goes. “At present, he can be a little uncommunicative and I’m obviously working on that. His best quality is that he’s a natural protector. Despite what he’s been through, he still has this desire to protect. He’s had the world throw stones at him figuratively and literally and yet he still goes out of his way to look after people and I think that’s an admirable quality, to say the least.”

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