Hennessy – The ReMix Bar Tour Series

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We all know that Hennessy is mixed well with Coke. You put Hennessy in a rock glass ¼ of the way and mix Coke with it, and presto – you got a classic. In Mexico, they call this drink “Paris de Noche” (Paris at Night). A lot of people prefer mixing Hennessy with Coke since it’s not as rough on the throat. And those who aren’t familiar with Hennessy, this is all they know to mix it with. But did you know that there are a million ways of serving Hennessy?

Hennessy, with the help of JA Media Inc. and Wee Doo Events is spearheading a bar tour entitled – Hennessy – The ReMix Bar Tour Series. It is a 6 month long tour held in the famous bars in the greater Metro Manila area where their focus is to educate drinkers that Hennessy goes well with just about anything.

CJ Rivera, Program Director and resident DJ of Magic 89.9 started drinking Hennessy 10 years ago. “I love mixing Hennessy. There are nights that you just want to drink light. You know, you don’t want to get drunk but still want to get a buzz by the end of the night. Well, Hennessy Berry, which has raspberry juice, lime juice and a little bit of ginger ale takes me to that state each and every time. It’s just like drinking a punch or a cocktail which is actually great if you have those kinds of nights. It’s good for the ladies as well who just want to chill out on a Saturday night. It gets the job done.”

The ReMix Bar Tour Series aims to make people aware that you can re-Mix Hennessy with a lot of your already famous cocktails. Samples are available for everyone during each event plus the added bonus of partying to different genres of music from the top DJ’s of Metro Manila.


The kick-off party start this Friday, June 28 at Rehub Grillery and Bar in 40 Eugenio Lopez Drive cor. Sgt. Esguerra, Timog, QC. Hennessy presents: The ReMix Bar Tour Series – 90’s Night Edition will be hosted by CJ the DJ and Tina Ryan of Magic 89.9. Guest DJ will be the legendary David Ardiente of 99.5 Play FM.




Hennessy – The ReMix Bar Tour Series