LOOK: This Jeepney Bar Will be in Manila for a Week

Basketball is a sport deeply ingrained within Philippine culture, played and appreciated by Filipinos from all walks of life. The sport transcends generations, social classes, and backgrounds, with Pinoys finding ingenious ways to watch and play games, whether on their screens or in the streets.

The Pinoys’ love for basketball is evident in the NBA’s popularity in the Philippines – more than 26.2 million Filipinos are fans of the league (Source: YouGov). Basketball is not just a sport for Filipinos but a way of life ingrained in the local culture, which is what the Hennessy and NBA collaboration is about. Both Hennessy and the NBA represent different communities but leverage the power of sport to bring people together and promote camaraderie among its fans.

This year, Hennessy’s latest campaign “Game Never Stops” celebrates basketball’s cultural influence on and off the court. Part of this campaign is the series of iconic court settings around the world that launched in May 2021 with a takeover of Bondi’s Icebergs Ocean Pool.

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Photo from Hennessy

As part of the next iteration of the iconic court series, Hennessy will unveil the Game Never Stops pop-up court in the Philippines at 5th Avenue in Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) from Oct. 15-16.

The two-day event is a re-imagination of Filipinos’ love for basketball that will showcase how the game transcends beyond the four corners of the court, bringing together hoops, art, lifestyle, music, and Hennessy to deliver a one-of-a-kind fan experience.

Jeepney Bar

Photo by Vince Golangco

The pop-up court will provide an amazing atmosphere that will feature basketball activities including the 2-Ball Challenge, Skills Challenge, 3-point Shootout, and Slam Dunk Showcase, which will be attended by athletes, celebrities, Hennessy’s trade partners, and several Filipino fans. The event will culminate with a street party that will feature Manila’s top DJs and musical performances from local and international artists.

Hennessy’s link to art and culture has always been evident, showcased in their recent campaign Game Never Stops, which celebrates the ethos of the league and the sport itself and their shared value to achieve the unachievable.

The event is only intended for persons above 18 years old.

To learn more about the event, click here.

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