8 Helpful Tips to Focus on Your Studies Effectively

In the 21st century, technology has totally disrupted the traditional learning system, adapting to the needs and demands of the fast-changing times. The modality of learning has further been redefined by the global COVID-19 pandemic, embracing synchronous learning. The traditional classroom has been converted into virtual space.

Yes, the modality of learning may have changed, but the ways how students learn depend on their individual style. There are study habits that may be effective to others but not to some. Here are some practical tips on how to study effectively:

Eat your breakfast. Admit it or not, you can hardly think with an empty stomach. So, you have to fuel your body to make your mind work.

Stay positive. A person with a healthy mind has an easy breath. Having a good attitude attracts good vibes – making your life happier.

Perfect your attendance. Don’t skip class. Attending your classes is part of your training in performing your obligations. It’s also a good discipline habit.

Study planning

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Listen and talk to your teacher. Listen and participate in the classroom discussion. And do not hesitate to ask questions to your teacher when you hardly understand the lesson.

Make an organizer or study plan. This will help you organize your thoughts as it gives you a quick reminder of your “things to do”, whether personal or school related activities and events.

Read, read, read! Make it a habit to re-read your day’s lessons before you sleep. Do not memorize the lessons; read with comprehension.

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Create your own study nook. Find a space in your house or room and make it your study area. It has to be well-lit and conducive to learning. 

Choose a good study area. Not everyone has a study room in the house. But this is not a reason not to create one. Just find a quiet area in your house or put up a desk in one corner. Voila! You already have a study nook. Now, the challenge is how to make the area fit for your studying needs.

One major consideration is the surroundings of your study area. Aside from good lighting and ventilation, it should have a good hue that imbibes a clean and healthy environment. Apparently, green color is associated with nature, tranquility and peace.

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The effectiveness of green is highlighted in a study led by Dr. Kate Lee. The experiment examined 150 university students, giving them boring and monotonous tasks that dragged their attention span to a breaking point, wherein they pressed a series of numbers over and over as they read off a computer screen. They were asked not to press keys when the number three appeared on the screen. During break time, half of the respondents viewed a green roof, others looked out onto a bare concrete roof. The result, those who looked at the green view committed few errors and had overall better concentration.

Green Study Room

The green environment has become popular in corporate offices, providing a healthy and breathable environment for employees to improve their productivity.

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Following this trend is STUDY ROOM, a co-working space located at the Festival Mall in Alabang, takes pride in its “green office” design. It is surrounded with live indoor plants that produce oxygen, creating a cozy and cool ambiance. The green environment is complemented with its ergonomic design, making it conducive to stress-free work. 

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Now, you can work remotely at ease and comfort in between your shopping at the STUDY ROOM. The 89 sqm co-working space boasts its high-speed internet with 25 spacious individual desks and conference room for your business deals. Choose your own nook as your office for the day.

Located at the Upper Ground Floor, West Wing (Bridgeway), Study Room is open from 9 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Saturdays. For reservations, call up at 0933-8180788.