Help This Woman Fight Cancer By Buying Her E-Books!

Would you like to buy some e-books?

Well, put that money to good use because you can help a cancer-diagnosed patient named Maggie fight her disease by simply purchasing some of her electronic and audio books.

Maggie put up an Instagram account, @ebookssurvive, in order to garner funds for her treatment. Here, she uploads and sells her collection of about 5,000 e-books. From bestsellers like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People up to fictional novels like Auggie & Me, Maggie’s page has got you covered.

Here are some of her e-books for sale:

You may buy one for as low as 15 pesos or you may opt to avail her limited time offer of P 300.00 for an unlimited library access on all her e-books and audio books.

According to Maggie, all the proceeds from @ebooksurvive will be used for her chemotherapy. Get an affordable e-book and help a friend survive cancer!

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