Help This Netizen Find Her Missing Cat!

Help This Netizen Find Her Missing Cat

Pet owners will know that the creatures we call pets are more than that. They are part of their owners’ lives and have become family. Which is why as fellow owners, we felt like we needed to post this.

Jinky Laurel posted a missing ad on Facebook as a plea for others to help find her missing cat. Piattos, a ginger-and-white cat, was last seen in Unit 1, Ballesteros Townhomes, New Zaniga, Mandaluyong, on December 26.

According to the post:

Friends in Mandaluyong, please help us find Piattos. He is a good cat and his family misses him very much. Note that there is a white film on his eyes due to blindness. Please, please, please, help us bring this boy back home.

Some of Piattos’s distinct features are a white film on both eyes and a long straight tail.

Laurel’s family offers a reward to those who can help find Piattos.

Do you have information on Piattos? Please call or text 09778172344 and/or 09982735253.

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