Help Rebuild the Philippines’ First Risograph Studio, Bad Student — Here’s How!

There are simply no words to describe the devastating effects of Typhoon Ulysses which hit the Philippines nearly two weeks ago and left many communities flood-stricken and desperate for aid. Plenty of businesses were badly damaged by the storm too, among which is Bad Student, the first risograph and design studio in the country.

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Bad Student’s founders Pau Tiu and Dyam Gonzales shared the news with a heavy heart on Facebook, revealing that the studio had been completely submerged in floodwater and lost all its Risograph and printmaking equipment. What made it even more upsetting was the fact that they were making preparations for the Tokyo Art Book Fair that following week where they would have launched “Gunitaan,” an illustrated Risograph zine that compiled stories from Filipino folklore, created in partnership with Serious Studio.

Since then, Filipino creatives have been expressing their love and support for Bad Student and helping out in any way they can to help rebuild the studio. A few known local artists even put their works on sale online to pitch in.

A GoFundMe page was also launched to raise funds for its reconstruction. As of writing, it has already raised over USD 1,500 of the USD 10,000 goal.

It’s this overwhelming comfort from the community that really inspired the founders not to lose hope despite their loss.

“As we left our studio behind, we honestly thought that all of our investments from the past 3 years were lost. But now, it is made clear to us that we didn’t lose anything. Our investment is not in our machines or equipments, but in each and everyone of you whom we had the absolute pleasure of sharing the art of Risograph printing with. A Riso Community in the Philippines that started with just the two of us, to now hundreds of artists from across the country!” they wrote in a statement.

“We always say that our ultimate goal was to share Risograph to as many filipino artists as possible and to support the local printmaking community through Riso. To you who supported us and wants to give us a second life, please take comfort in knowing that it will be our life’s mission to give back to the Filipino Art Community in the best way we know how: Keeping Risograph Printing ALIVE.”

To help, you can donate to the following accounts:

You can also donate to the GoFundMe page via this link. All those who do get to receive a free Digital Zine compiled by 40+ Filipino illustrators.

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