Help Make Adobo Our Official National Dish!

Did you know that the Philippines doesn’t have a national dish? While adobo may be one of the most popular Filipino dishes out there and has even gained international recognition, it isn’t actually our national dish – at least not officially. If you love adobo, whether it be pork or chicken (or both), and if you want it to officially be known as our national dish, then help us make this dream a reality through the Datu Puti Adobo Movement!
Datu Puti Adobo Movement

The Datu Puti Adobo Movement started last year when it was discovered that the Philippines doesn’t actually have a national dish. Since a lot of countries have one, why shouldn’t we, right? It’s only right for us to take pride in what is uniquely our own – and adobo is one of those things. This is not the first time an effort was made to make adobo the national dish of the Philippines, but 2014’s House Bill 3926 (led by Hon. Rene Relampagos from first district of Bohol) is still up for final deliberation to this day.

Why do we think adobo deserves this grand title? Whether you are a fan of the dish or not, you have to admit that adobo always reminds you of home. It also makes you homesick whenever you eat it outside of the country. And the first dish that foreigners mention when you mention Filipino food? Also adobo!

Right now, Datu Puti’s goal is to hit at least 500,000 signatures to support House Bill 3926 and officially instate adobo as the National Dish of the Philippines. Come support the event and help us garner petitions for adobo. It is about time we had a national dish!

Datu Puti Adobo Movement

If in case you can’t make it to the event, though, don’t fret. You can support our delicious adobo through these online petition sites, as well: and

Spread the adobo love! 😀