Help give the gift of sight with TOMS eyewear!

The TOMS One for One

When in Manila, don’t you just hate it when it’s scorching hot and you don’t have a pair of glasses as hot as the weather? Now, you can, and at the same time help a person in need, with the new line of TOMS eyewear!


Why sight?



Every purchase will help someone in need 




Launched in the Philippines on October 11, 2012 at the Greenbelt 3 park, the brand unveiled its latest offering in stylish summerwear in line with World Sight Day. TOMS wants to break the cycle of poverty by helping the 285 million people who are visually impaired, by giving 100,000 people in over 13 countries their sight. According to TOMS, 80% of the visually impaired don’t have to be.

It is this giving ethos that makes TOMS such a relevant brand. They chose to branch out to giving sight because they believe it is a fundamental need, and is a solvable crisis. In fact, for the US launch of the eyewear line last June 2011, 100,000 people had their sight restored at what they call the Summer of Sight.

“Realizing that so many millions of people are struggling with this issue each and every day, we feel compelled to continue to do our part to raise awareness and help those in need,” says Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, who launched the brand in 2006 after a trip to Argentina and seeing children in need of shoes.

TOMS’ One for One campaign




TOMS is known for their One for One movement, a program that aims to help by offering a pair of TOMS shoes for every pair bought. The Philippines is unique because it is the only country where TOMS are sold and the children from the Philippines receive the giving shoes. And with the new TOMS eyewear line, each pair of glasses will help someone regain their sight – either through medical treatment, prescription eyeglasses, or cataract surgery. Currently, children from the US are benefitting from the program, but TOMS is working on finding a sight-giving partner for the Philippines.





Customers trying on the endless variations of TOMS eyeglasses




Jonvier entertaining the crowd

The Philippine launch was a low-key and chill event that characterized the summer vibe TOMS has associated with. Acoustic music by Jonvier filled the night with numbers by Bob Marley, accentuating the humid but pleasant night. A carpet was rolled out, along with pillows and couches, so attendees could relax after purchasing.

The Navigator




The Maverick




The Marco




The Beachmaster in tortoise shell




The Windward




The Sandela




The Navigator II




And whoever said that helping out isn’t stylish? The TOMS eyewear line is a nostalgic take on the 60s, a throwback to the sun, sand, and surf of the USA. There are dozens of designs and colors, from clubmasters, wayfarers, aviators, and Jackie O-inspired glasses. The designs are endless, but each pair shares a common trait that reveals a unique story. You see, each pair of glasses has three stripes on its arm, that represents the buyer, TOMS, and the person the buyer is helping.



So when in Manila, be guilt-free when you buy a pair of stylish TOMS sunglasses, because you might just save someone’s life!




For branches in the Philippines, check out their Facebook page!

Help give the gift of sight with TOMS eyewear!

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