Here’s How You Can Help Frontliners in Your Own Little Way

YoWell Philippines is proud to be a local manufacturer of fresh, quality yogurt for the everyday consumption of Filipinos. It’s not just any yogurt; it is powered with billions of active lactobacillus probiotics per serving – the good bacteria that our gut needs to help fight off bad bacteria that greatly affects our immune system.

YoWell decided to launch this product because they saw the need and benefit of yogurt for our bodies! Our gut health is often neglected, but we don’t realize how important it is and how big its impact is for our overall health. Through YoWell, we get to enjoy health in a delightful and delicious way!

During the pandemic, the YoWell team saw the importance of health and our immune system. One of their customers happened to be a frontliner who sent in their photo on duty with some YoWell Yogurt. They share: “We were so inspired because we realized how our modern heroes recognize the value that YoWell brings to their health, and they are the ones who badly need to have a strong immune system!”

Since our frontliners have been taking care of our health, YoWell decided it was time they take care of the health of frontliners through their own way. “The vitamins and minerals that are in our YoWell Yogurt can boost one’s immune system because it is fortified with Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, calcium and zinc,” they explain. “Therefore, not only can we fulfill our goal to make everyone enjoy health everyday; we get to help our health heroes boost their immune system through a promo, too!”

YoWell has partnered with health workers at San Lazaro Hospital and Sta. Ana Hospital, which have been taking in a lot of COVID-19 patients for a new promo. For every order of three YoWell bottles from October 7 to 10, they will be donating one bottle to one of these hospitals. Photos will be taken as part of their transparency.

Yowell Be healthy for a cause

If you want to be healthy for a cause and want to help and show your care for our tireless frontliners, this would be a great way to contribute in your own little way. Plus, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You’ll be able to take care of your health and your family’s health, as well as contribute to a health worker’s physical needs at the same time. By keeping them healthy, we can all rise together from the health crisis we are in.

YoWell adds: “We hope everyone can find it in their hearts to support local and small businesses and at the same time support causes with meaning. Our seemingly small efforts will go a long way.”

To order and take part in this initiative, visit YoWell’s social media accounts below:

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Instagram: @yowellph

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