Heartwarming Reunions and Thoughtful Gifts Make a “Paskumpleto” Celebration for Grab Driver And Delivery Partners

“Yung makasama ko ang mga anak ko”, “matulungan yung mga magulang ko”, “makasama ko ang family ko, lalong lalo na ang nanay ko” — These are a few of the hopes and wishes of Grab driver- and delivery-partners for a complete Christmas celebration.

With Filipinos relying on the helping hands of these driver- and delivery-partners to complete previous holiday celebrations— and even day-to-day necessities— this year, it’s Grab’s turn to give back and help complete their Christmas celebrations too.

For the time spent on the road to carefully deliver gifts, groceries, and food; for the care given in bringing passengers safely to their destinations— for all these and more, Grab shows its gratitude to the hardworking driver- and delivery-partners by granting them the wishes of what would complete their Christmas and make it a “Paskumpleto” celebration.

In its newest video, the second of its #PaskumpletoWithGrab video series, Grab features the stories of five driver- and delivery-partners whose dedication to their jobs made it possible for Filipinos to complete the previous years’ celebrations. Among these featured stories is Joebert, GrabCar driver-partner since 2016, whose only wish was to be reunited with his mother for the holidays— something he hasn’t done in 21 years; Earl, GrabCar driver-partner since 2017 who wished for wheelchairs for his elderly parents who he wanted to take outdoors to celebrate; and Anthony, GrabFood delivery-partner since 2020, who wanted to help his parents sustain their day-to-day with a sari-sari store replenished with supplies.

Although their desires for a complete Christmas celebration varied, these driver- and delivery-partners’ wishes showed the true meaning of what it means to have a “Paskumpleto” celebration: no matter how small or grand, it is one that is shared with loved ones.

Just like them, Grab Philippines wishes a Paskumpleto Christmas celebration to all Filipinos. Watch the video through https://fb.watch/hmJCt2DDmo/ and share your own stories of how the holiday celebrations are made #PaskumpletoWithGrab.