Heartwarming: Police Officer Saw ‘Lola’ Hauling Trash, Offers Monetary Support

One of the prominent features about Filipinos is our being respectful to others, especially to our elders. In fact, just recently, we shared an inspiring story of a policeman who helped an elder cross the street.

Police Helps Lola (2)

It’s ubiquitous among us to help others in need.

Case in point: Another policeman, who is also known for feeding stray dogs, came across an elder woman hauling trash.

And, for Police Officer Jaime Osit Santos, she is already too old to do such, which I absolutely agree!

“Hindi na dapat kayo nagtutulak ng ganyan kadaming basura,” said Santos to the old lady.  (You shouldn’t be hauling trash anymore.)

Police officer helping elders and stray dogsBut, the old lady replied, “walang gagawa.” (No one’s going to do it for me.) Such a heartbreaking response.

On a quick chat with Sir Santos on Facebook, he admitted that it was heartbreaking to see a “Lola” still working! However, he admires women like “Lola” who work diligently to earn a living.

He shared:

Sabi ko “ito po ang 100” aba’y nagsisigaw sa tuwa ayaw tanggapin pero tinanggap din sa pilit ko. Isang saludo sa lola na nagtutulak ng kariton ng basura ng walang kapalit. Ito po ang aking proyekto ngayon, ang maghanap ng mga kababaihan na nagbabanat ng buto at nagsusumikap kumita kahit anong trabaho basta kumita lang. Kahit sa munting halaga tayo po ay magpapasaya ng kapwa.
This Facebook post had gained hundreds of likes and commendations.
Genuinely, this is another uplifting gesture from you, Sir! Thank you.
We are looking forward to your game-changing project focusing  on hardworking women.
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