‘Heartbroken’ Pup Dies After Waiting In Vain for Owner to Return for Her

How can anyone be so heartless? Someone abandoned this cute two-year-old pup at the Palonegro International Airport in Bucaramanga, Colombia. For over a month, she wandered its halls waiting for her owner to return. But he or she never came back.

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People cared for her, trying to feed her. But it seems she was too sad to eat. Eventually, she stopped eating altogether.

HEARTBREAKING: Dog dies of a broken heart after being abandoned at an airport

They called her Nube Viajera, which means ‘traveling cloud.’

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She became weak and malnourished from lack of food. Vets treated her with medicine and food but were unsuccessful.

Four weeks after being abandoned, she died.

It is believed that people can die of a broken heart. Perhaps, Nube Viajera also died of one. How she must have pined for her ower.

What a heartbreaking story… :'(

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