HeART on TOP: Art that Gives Back



The Office Project, more than offering a workspace, internet connectivity, and unlimited brewed coffee, go beyond the physical space of which the whole co-working community across the globe are into – building a culture with a strong community where connections happen organically as opposed to just sitting next to each other while they work – starting a business together, contracting within the community, sharing experiences and knowledge that help them to develop their enterprise and being able to draw on the collective intelligence of the network for brainstorms and strategizing.

One of the goals TOP wants to accomplish and share to every soul they encounter is to inspire people to create projects with meaning. Because they believe that as we create projects with meaning, we are making our stories worth listening.


As The Office Project celebrates their 1st year of operation, they have decided to come up with a series of month long fund raising projects that aims to help and give back to everyone who has been a part of their meaningful journey.

The Office Project would love you to be a part of their giving back event for the whole month of August entitled HeART on TOP: Art that Gives Back, it serves as a kick-off event for the whole anniversary. This event collaborates with amateur and professional artists to come up with artworks that are to be sold online and displayed inside TOP. They have also partnered with various sponsors, partners, volunteers, and other collaborators who would help them make this event a success. All proceeds from sold artworks and door charge for every event will be given to their chosen foundation in collaboration with U! Happy Events.

If you’re someone who wants to donate, share, and buy an artwork, you may visit their Facebook page – The Office Project for more details.

The Office Project is still looking for Artists, Volunteers, Buyers, Sponsors, and collaborators. If you happen to be interested in helping them Grow, Connect, Lead, and give back by being a sponsor, collaborator, or help them by attending their upcoming events, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/501555303374440/permalink/503836593146311/ or visit their Facebook page – The Office Project for more details.

Every person we meet is a story wrapped in a skin. As our lives intersect, so do our stories. We are hard-wired for stories. Our brains create a grand narrative and everything fits within it somewhere. Meaning in life is not found in reducing things into smaller categories. Meaning is found in putting things together. Connecting dots & getting the big picture. Meaning is found in metaphors, narratives and stories. We become our stories and our project become our stories.

The Office Project hopes to see you in their future events!

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