Heart Evangelista Just Took Her OOTD Game Up a Notch

Recently, Heart Evangelista was trending because of her fabulous OOTDs on Instagram. And these are not just your normal OOTDs because as seen on Heart’s Instagram stories, she snaps her outfit while saying that she’s off to the grocery to buy corned beef. It took everyone’s attention that’s why many of her followers started doing the same thing – all glammed up and ready to go to the market to buy something.

It was literally PRETTY hilarious! Now, on Heart’s latest Instagram post, she uploaded a picture of herself all dressed up while cleaning a toilet with the caption: “No matter what you have to do, do it fabulously! Exhibit A: my toilet-cleaning look!”

Everyone, learn from Heart! Life lessons 101: if you are going to do something, make sure you are doing it beautifully (not just the work, but your outfit and look as well). It’s either you go ahead and be fab or you go home!

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