Heart Evangelista Admits Her “Search For Happiness”

Netizens have been talking about Heart Evangelista for the past months. Previously, Heart changed her name to just Love Marie on Instagram and was seen without her wedding ring in an Instagram photo which led netizens to make speculations about her personal life. Heart’s close friends had denied the speculations after.

In a recent vlog, Heart revealed that she is going through a lot lately. ” I’m not gonna deny that I’ve been going through, like, some personal struggles…”, she shared.

She also shared that she is changing up her content online by being less filtered and sharing more of her personal life. She then shared that she is just at a point in her life where she just wants to be happy. “Like, I feel a lot of pressure in my life and, basically now, I am really in a search for just being happy”, she shared.

Though netizens often see Heart’s fabulous lifestyle online, she reveals that she is now focusing on simple things in life. “It’s about the simplest things in life that are very important and that really make a person happy, and that’s where I’m at now”, she said.