Heart Evangelista Earns Her Gold YouTube Play Button

Heart Evangelista set up her YouTube channel around 1 year ago and already in that short amount of time she has been able to garner more than a million followers. In fact, she was officially given a Gold YouTube Play Button in commemoration of the milestone last August 11. In the lead up to hitting such a significant follower count, Heart posted a series of photos counting down to the moment on her Instagram story.

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She had a screenshot of her YouTube page at the time with the subscriber count of 997,999 highlighted. Heart also had a short but sweet message to her followers while waiting for the numbers to reach 1 million. She wrote: “I can’t believe we are so close to hitting 1 million subscribers! What an amazing journey it has been! I’ve had so much fun sharing my life with all of you!”

heart evangelista ig story youtube

Source: @iamhearte

Later in the day Heart posted a photo of herself proudly holding her Gold YouTube Play Button and talking about the journey it took to arrive at this accomplishment. She shared: “Almost a year ago today, I started my YouTube channel full of anxieties and uncertainty of what was to come. Would people like it? Would people judge me? Would people like my content?”

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“So much thoughts clouded my head but with the encouragement of my loved ones, I decided to just go for it.,” she continued.


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Heart ended the sentiment by saying: “And now, here we are— a one-million strong YouTube family. ❣If anything, this is my message to everyone to keep putting yourself out there, and pursuing your dreams. Trust me, you will get there eventually.

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