Healthy, Local, Creative, Noodle Bar: Pasta Box at The Collective in Makati

“A democratization of fine dining” one of the favorite food phrases in the blogosphere nowadays; it can mean many things.

At Pasta Box, it means this: Italian fine dining is not just fine dining. Anybody can afford it through Pasta Box’s affordable menu. Pasta is Italian for paste (the combination of water and flour with other ingredients like eggs and vegetable extracts).

Making healthy eating convenient is another message they are reinforcing. Their pasta is served in handy practical boxes that diners can take anywhere with them.

Pasta Box is also all about freedom of choice. It is the only pasta bar where patrons can choose pasta in any color and shape that they think suits the sauce they want. They’ve got angel pasta, linguini, fussili, farfalle, spaghetti, fetucinne, lasagne, rigate, linguini, and conchigliogni, just to name a few. For the toppings, they have parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, parsley, onion, garlic, and chili flakes.

Classical or creative sauces? You will know by their aroma. Napolitana, Mushroom Carbonara, Tuna Puttanesca, the kind that we all grew up with and will love forever. Special mention for Longanisa Bolognese, a heavy favorite wherein adobo garlic longanisa is simmered in classic tomato sauce with lots of herbs and spices.

Now for the creative sauces, which could make good titles for Hollywood movies and their sequels:

Bollywood (chicken and vegetables in yellow curry sauce, fresh basil), Thai Me Up (sounds naughty but this could very well be the vegetarian’s pick: pad thai style fried veggies, tofu, peanuts and pad thai paste), Popeye’s Favorite (sundried tomatoes, spinach, creamy pesto sauce), and this month’s pasta – Dirty Harry (pork tenderloin strips, black beans in melted kesong puti cooked in New Orleans style).

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When in Manila, satisfy your pasta cravings by getting yourself a box of pasta or a Pasta Box! Head to The Collective in Makati to get your fill of healthy, local, creative pasta! Oh, and do try out their different kinds of special pasta mixes with your choice of pasta. Best of all, check out to get 55% off of your meals!

Oh, oh, and while you’re at The Collective, check out this other place we reviewed called Good Spirits: Wine, Dessert, Coffee and try their yummy desserts.

Pasta Box

The Collective 7274 Malugay cor. Mayapis, San Antonio Village, Makati

8816188 / 09107995916

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