Healthy Eating Made Right with Juju Eats!

I’d like to admit that I’m a woman who likes to eat a lot. I’m not a picky eater either! So anything that looks mouth-watering, I am ready to surge forward and try it out. This, in turn, sometimes results me in mornings being spent groaning and complaining that my body feels heavy and full despite already sleeping it off.

It led me to the conclusion that I need an intervention. Fast.

The opportunity presented itself to me when, a while back, a friend of mine took me to a salad place. Knowing myself, of course I took on the challenge despite being a newbie to the healthy eating lifestyle. The perceptions I initially had with anything related to all things green, vanished. Who knew that eating salad can come with so much flavor and weight without feeling heavy at the stomach?

Fast forward to just a few days ago, I had another chance encounter with this place once again. But this time, it was for the purpose of getting to know it more. Together with my Pesto Pasta salad wrap and Ay! Caramba salad bowl, of course.

Juju EatsJuju Eats’ Pesto Pasta Sala Wrap

Juju EatsJuju Eats’ Ay! Caramba Salad Bowl

What stemmed from repeatedly saying “juice” led to the birth of Juju Eats! A place where you can come in and feel comfortable with what you’re going to have. Juju Eats goes above and beyond the common perceptions of salad restaurants with their top quality ingredients and super delicious and comforting flavors.

Juju Eats

The restaurant gave me the feeling that I shouldn’t be skeptical of myself or the food. Juju Eats‘ open ambience allowed me to feel that I can experiment and discover new things. It also gave me a new view perspective when it came to healthy eating. It’s not for the weight loss nor for the trend. It’s about finding what will fit your needs.

Not convinced yet? Look at their menu! Juju Eats has a wide selection that even I didn’t think could be part of a salad! Guys, there’s even an inasal salad! Now that’s something I need to try when I visit again!

Juju EatsOf course, with every meal, you need to have a drink to go with it! Juju Eats has Juju Cleanse which is their wide selection of freshly pressed juices ranging from Pineapple Chia to Green Bomb. Don’t be afraid of these babies either! They’re as unique and delicious as their salads! (*whispers* I personally like pineapple chia haha!)

Juju EatsJuju Cleanse’s Pineapple Chia Juice

With the holidays fast approaching, I think Juju Cleansing will be the perfect opportunity to prepare for the season! Especially if I want my tummy to be in tip-top shape through it all! Juju Eats can provide you with meal and cleansing plans that are tailored to your goal, timeline, and your preferred taste. Score! Now that’s what I want!

Plus, for days you don’t feel like going out of the house, Juju Eats can deliver those crave-worthy salads right to your doorstep! You don’t have to worry about getting dressed because they’re just a phone call away through Food Panda and Two Anyone (#2121212). Ohohoho, I am going to be very happy with this~

All this talk about their salads had me thinking of their new additions to their growing menu! Do healthy red rice bowls and guilt-free snacks sound good? I think they do! So what are you waiting for? Drop by and give them a try! Maybe this is the push you need to consider to immerse yourself in a healthy lifestyle!


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Juju Eats

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