Health workers stand on middle of busy street, here’s why

To remind people to stay at home, two health care workers who work at a hospital in Denver, Colorado stand on the crosswalk during red lights. This is to block people who are going to a protest called “Operation Gridlock” which calls for the lockdown measures to be lifted.

In a tweet by Chase Woodruff (@dcwoodruff), he said that these health care workers stood on the crosswalk as a “reminder” why shutdown measures are in place. These doctors have declined to say their names and what hospital they work at.

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These health care workers have said that they have been treating COVID-19 patients for weeks. According to the tweets, the motorists who have passed by the crosswalk have been “very aggressive.”

Another user, Marc Zenn (@MarcZenn) also shares a video showing how these protesters treated these health care workers.

Some Twitter users have also shared other pictures of this scenario. Charles Croucher (@ccroucher9) shares these photos by Alyson McClaran in a tweet.

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