Hayley Williams Admitted She Went Into Depression And Almost Quit Paramore

As many Paramore fans know, it’s been four years since Hayley and the gang released their last self-titled album, before finally releasing their newest record After Laughter this year. Paramore even has two new bangin’ singles to show for it, “Hard Times” and “Told You So”.

paramore passion cover

But during the period when the band wasn’t making any new music, Hayley revealed that she battled depression and almost quit Paramore!

In an interview with Fader, the 28-year-old singer revealed that it was somewhere in the summer of 2015 that she thought about leaving the music scene for good:

I just was done. I thought, There’s gotta be something else that I’m good at in my life. Maybe it’s time for me to go find that.

 Yet Hayley’s lead songwriting partner Taylor York and the album’s co-producer Justin Meldal-Johnson wouldn’t give up on her, sending the singer unfinished tracks just to see what would come off them. Taylor York said:

We both had doubts, and we had unity in that. I told her she didn’t have to do stuff. But I just kept writing, and then there was this time that she got it again.

Hayley is definitely going through a rough time now following her recent announcement that she and her partner of 10 years, New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert are divorcing. But it’s a silver lining that she’s found herself in her music again.
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