New Concept to Turn Old Buses Into Homeless Shelters

When In Manila, there are still a great number who are out on the streets. The problem of homelessness is still very real and the government has yet to find a solution that would completely solve the issue.

Hawaii takes a big step towards trying to solve this problem through an ingenious and innovative proposition. There are  actual plans to turn old decommissioned buses into homeless shelters. Jun Yang, the City’s Executive Director of Housing says “The idea is to convert them into living, sleeping, showering, recreational facilities.”

Unlike the traditional trailer houses or RV’s, the buses will be designed as a fleet with each particular bus having a specific purpose– one would be a dedicated sleeping area, another for bathrooms and showers and so on.


The buses themselves are still functioning but have been retired due to advanced mileage. The City will be donating around 70 for the project.


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Group 70, spearheading the project, is now looking for a non profit organisation to take on the project.

I think this would be a cool project to implement in Manila. What do you think?


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