Having Trouble Sleeping? This Might Help with Your Insomnia

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If you’ve been having trouble sleeping since the pandemic began, you’re not alone. The term “coronasomnia” was coined to describe insomnia “linked to the stress of life during COVID-19.” Studies from the UK, China, Italy, and Greece have shown high numbers of people with insomnia. There was also a significant increase in the number of online searches for ‘insomnia’ between April and May 2020.

So don’t worry about it. A lot of people are experiencing it.

I’ve experienced it, too, and I’ve tried all types of ways to deal with it, but the one that has been helpful for me is taking melatonin.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that your brain produces as a response to darkness. It’s meant to help with your body clock and sleep. As a supplement, it is used to help with “jetlag, delayed sleep-wake phase disorder, some sleep disorders in children, and anxiety before and after surgery.”

According to Johns Hopkins sleep expert Luis F. Buenaver, Ph.D., C.B.S.M., “Your body produces melatonin naturally. It doesn’t make you sleep, but as melatonin levels rise in the evening it puts you into a state of quiet wakefulness that helps promote sleep.”

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How to use melatonin?

According to Dr. Buenaver, you need to supplement your melatonin with good sleeping habits. Keep the lights low before bed and stay away from laptops and smartphones, since the blue light from these devices can neutralize melatonin’s effects. The doctor says, “Your brain associates this light with daytime, and it can interfere with melatonin’s sleep-promoting effects.”

If you need to work in the evening or go online, use the blue light filter to screen it out. Watching TV is okay as long as you stay at least six feet away from the screen.

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Dr. Buenaver adds that if melatonin doesn’t help in one or two weeks, stop using it. If sleep problems continue, he advises seeking a medical professional’s help. John Hopkins does not recommend melatonin for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals, and those with a seizure disorder or depression. Additionally, “Talk to your health care provider if you have diabetes or high blood pressure. Melatonin supplements may also raise blood-sugar levels and increase blood pressure levels in people taking some hypertension medications.”

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