Having Problems with Choosy Car Service Drivers? Here’s How You Can Fix That

We have all been there, having a hard time with choosy car service drivers.

Mikey Bustos posted on Facebook a “fail proof” fix that can get these choosy drivers competing for you.

I hate breaking their hearts when they see me ???? but I no longer have problems with choosy service drivers turning me down in Manila. In fact, they compete for me now! Nakksss I’m UBER flattered!

Choosy Car Service Drivers Mikey Bustos

He posted a follow up where he got a driver.

My fail proof solution to choosy service car drivers. Gottem’!!!!

PS – you should have seen his face when I stepped into the car flexing my pecs!

Choosy Car Service Drivers Mikey Bustos (2)


Bustos added on the comment section:

The driver laughed and he admitted he found my note to driver interesting! Then he said he watches me on TV. Thank God Kuya driver was a good sport. It could have turned out bad. I don’t recomemnd this if you are young or really a female.

Would you use this to solve your problem with choosy drivers?