Have You Tried Wakeboarding… During a Flood?

Have You Tried Wakeboarding... During a Flood


We Filipinos are a resilient bunch. We’ve survived typhoons, political crises, breakups, and our worst videos gone viral. But this is taking resiliency to a whole new level.

Jay Ann Huarde shared a photo on Facebook that is currently going viral. It shows her friend Daniel Songco, going wakeboarding… in a flooded street. She calls it a “flood sesh.”

According to Jay Ann:


Taking wakeboarding to the next level! Some parts of Metro Manila were flooded earlier and Mr. Daniel Songco took it as a chance for a “flood sesh.” Super cool, eh?#Wakeboarding#Wakelife#Flood#Manila#SuperCool#Sick


The photo was taken Daniel himself.


What do you think? Are you brave enough to try this? Share your thoughts below!