Have You Listened To Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect Symphony” With Andrea Bocelli?

Ed Sheeran shook the music world a few weeks ago when he released a new version of his hit song “Perfect”–the perfect duet with Beyonce. While it gained mixed reactions, I personally think that Beyonce really added her own personal flavor to Ed Sheeran’s simple, no frills song. It became a whole new song.

It seems that Ed Sheeran isn’t done with giving us beyond perfect collaborations because he just dropped another legendary duet. This time, he teamed up with the legendary Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli–yes, the same voice behind “The Prayer”.

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You can just imagine how powerful this duet would be!

Listen to it below:

If you thought Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” couldn’t be better, then you certainly wouldn’t have imagined Ed Sheeran singing it in Italian with Andrea Bocelli. I literally got chills when they both started to sing together.

Really, what a time to be alive. And what a way to welcome in the new year. Here’s to more perfect collaborations in the music world!

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