Have you ever heard of Gender Neutral Toilets? Here’s why they’re important

Words by Lori Dumaligan

What do toilets and gender discrimination have in common? They both make people’s faces go:


Pride Month is here and it’s only fitting to think about radical changes that we want to see in our society! While the Philippine Congress is asking the nation whether to make same sex union legal, there’s another, simpler but equally important thing that also needs to be discussed: gender neutral toilets. What are they and why are they important?

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4. It’s the same as the ones at home

Toilets may not be the most inviting topic to start off your day but don’t we all agree that we start the day only after going to the toilet?

Photo by Lori Dumaligan

It’s a completely normal thing to have a toilet at home that everyone can use and is not segregated at all by gender.

Gender neutral toilets in schools and other public places are almost exactly the same thing. Everyone can use it. And it is recommended that they be used one at a time, just like the system we use in our homes.

3. It is inclusive

Public bathrooms are usually separated by gender. But why? Some argue that it’s safer. Some women agree that it’s more hygienic too because guys never put the toilet seat up when they use it. But it can also come down to space saving design by placing urinals in one room and toilets in another.

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So where do gender neutral bathrooms come in? Who are they for?

They are for people who “hold it” because they feel uncomfortable in public bathrooms because of the gender segregation. They are built to cater for those nonconforming. But it’s also to accommodate pregnant mothers, PWDs, parents with children of opposite genders, and for those with caregivers/personal attendants.

So, it’s an essential feature designed to make spaces more inclusive to not only members of the LGBTQ+ community, but an even more diverse set of people.

2. Safety

But there’s another reason why they’re important.

Some people get weird looks when they go to the bathroom because they look androgynous or because they’re cross dressing. In schools, there are high chances of people being bullied for the way they look, dress, and express themselves. Bathrooms rank high in locations where bullying happens because they’re usually out of sight.

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Gender neutral toilets can also be a safe space for anyone who feels discriminated.

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1. Small Changes, Big leaps!

So, it’s not only about gender discrimination. These toilets were made for the comfort of the gender nonconformists, PWDS, pregnant mothers, mothers with children and caregivers.

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In general, having these safe spaces for our daily needs gives us more comfort. It’s not meant to radicalize the way we use toilets but instead, includes everyone to have a better overall experience when going to the toilet in common areas or public spaces.

It’s an amenity that should be available in schools, malls and other common areas. It’s important because it is about designing a better world where people can be free to feel like themselves. But what do you think? Do you agree with Julia Robert’s post above that said “I wish they all said this”?

Do you want to see a Gender Neutral Toilet in your school, mall and other public places? Let us know in the comments!


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