Have You Been On LRT’s Library-Themed Train Yet?

Be sure to catch the library-themed train of LRT-1. It had its first trip on September 5 and will run for a year. Many netizens have already uploaded their selfies aboard the train on their social media accounts. The wallpapers made the train look like a library hall lined with bookshelves.  Hopefully, it will encourage the love of reading to commuters.


Besides its library-designed interior, the train also features various school-related images and literature. There are handrail poles designed as coloring materials, stickers of graduation caps on train windows, and inspirational quotes about learning and success plastered.

You can also find interesting trivia to read and pop questions to answer, too.


The specially-decorated train, referred to as the “Gabay Guro” train,  is a partnership between Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) and PLDT Smart Corporation, under its foundation’s education arm Gabay Guro. The launch was in time for the beginning of Teachers‘ Month this September and serves as a tribute to educators.

Of course, the special train’s first passengers were, well, teachers. According to Gabay Guro Chairperson Ms. Chaye Cabal-Revilla, the Gabay Guro Train is one way of  paying homage to teachers as everyday heroes.


The LRT management encourages commuters to take a photo of them on the train and tag them in social media. That is, if it is not too crowded on the train. [Photo from Gabay Guro FB page]

Do share your photos aboard the train in the comments section below if you have any!