Have a taste of French-Mediterranean goodness at Cuisinier Bistro


WHEN IN MANILA and not quite sure if you want to eat French, Italian or Spanish, then just go to Cuisinier Bistro in Quezon City. This lovely restaurant serves French-Mediterranean cuisine that will surely make you smile.




The interior and façade of Cuisinier Bistro might make you think that the price of the food is steep, but hey, you’ll be really surprised that the foods are very reasonably priced, especially with the high standard of classical cooking that Cuisinier Bistro provides.


Bouillabaisse (Php 320)


The thick bisque contained seafood such as crab, fish, mussels and shrimp which was perfect with a slice of bread that was spread with rouille. Mmmmm… If you love the taste of crab meat, then this soup would really delight your tastebuds.


Osso Buco (php 740) – good for sharing

The New Zealand beef shank was stewed to tenderness and served with a hint of lemon zest. 



Also, Cuisinier Bistro’s succulent osso buco comes with creamy cheese risotto that was cooked al dente – with a certain bite to it that complimented the beef shank really well 🙂


Cuisinier Bistro’s Pizza Bella (Php 440)



This rustic style pizza was topped with prosciutto, feta cheese, arugula and truffle oil. I love the scent of truffle oil – it was truly “scent” from above. The arugula was also one of the most important ingredient as it added a peppery flavor to Pizza Bella. Overall, I super love this pizza especially how Cuisinier Bistro made it – thin crust and yet it was still doughy when served.


Pancetta Pasta (Php 360)



As you may notice, Cuisinier Bistro’s Chef Mafe is very fond of using her favorite ingredients to her special dishes. The pancetta pasta is cream based with parma ham, shitake mushrooms and drizzled with truffle oil. This one is a MUST TRY!!! It was sooo good!


Panna cotta (Php 260)


This creamy Italian dessert by Cuisinier Bistro had a “taho” consistency. The vanilla bean flavor was mild, which was complimented by a sweet caramel sauce and caramel crisp. My favorite was the almond surprise inside the panna cotta which gave it a nutty texture.



FYI: if you love buffets, Cuisinier Bistro offers a variety of dishes for their lunch buffet for only Php 600++ every last Sunday of the month. This also comes with bottomless iced tea and a wide array of desserts. (better mark it on your calendars now)


Chef Mafe Seva, owner of Cuisinier Bistro

Did you know that Chef Mafe is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu London?! YES, she is; and, for those who are not familiar with the famous culinary school – Le Cordon Bleu is only the first culinary school in the world. Uh huh, and it is considered by many to be the world’s premier culinary arts institute. However, Chef Mafe stresses the fact that only experience will truly recognize you to be a certified chef and not just graduating from a prestigious culinary school. With her 10 years of extensive experience in the industry and having been a teacher in CCA, her passion for culinary teaching and sharing her knowledge is still driving her to do more. Good news to those who are interested in cooking lessons: Chef Mafe is offering private classes – per group or one on one basis. – Link: Cuisinier Bistro offers Cooking Classes for Adults and Kids

WHEN IN MANILA, enjoy the cuisines of France, Italy, Spain, England, Greece and Morocco at Cuisinier Bistro and have an exceptional dining experience.


Cuisinier Bistro

102 Timog Avenue, Richwell Center
(near GMA 7 Kamuning, across Caltex Station)
Quezon City, Philippines


Facebook Page: Cuisinier Bistro


Store Hours:
11am – 10pm


For Reservations or Catering Services, please call/text:




MENU: Cuisinier Bistro Menu 


WhenInManila Photos by JoTan23


Have a taste of French-Mediterranean goodness at Cuisinier Bistro 


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