Have a Break, Visit Dimsum Break!


Dimsum Break



Now here’s another great foodie find when in Manila!  From the Queen City of the South comes this very popular fast food type dimsum joint which is considered to be an icon in the Cebu foodie scene, that has now officially invaded Manila! Let us all welcome the arrival of Dimsum Break!



They recently opened just a few months ago on the 3rd floor at SM North Edsa Annex and people from Manila seemed to be really loving it! Dimsum Break offers a fresh new casual feel when it comes to Chinese dining unlike the usual traditional dimsum restos around. Having dimsum has never been this fast and affordable!  All you have to do is fall in line, take your pick ‘n pay! That easy! Another great thing is that, their dimsums are very affordable! Most are priced at only P65!!




 Feast your eyes on their wide array of dimsums for P65 each!




their selections are really nice! They got everything from steamed to fried! 

I recommend you try their Quail Egg Siomai!




The dimsums at Dimsum Break are so flavorful that you won’t be needing anymore sauces!




 MUST TRY the Empress Roll!!! Pork dimsum wrapped in cabbage!




 Their Hakao‘s were equally delish!




 I think this one doesn’t need any description…… hihihihi



 Their Taro Puff is my most favorite from their fried dimsum selection!!




 Dimsum Break prides itself with their very own signature Steamed Fried Rice which is also priced at P65!

Be sure to order this and partner it with your dimsums of choice!




I love their creamy Coconut Dessert! Really thick n rich tasting! Really unique!








Quick, Affordable and Delicious! This is what Dimsum Break is! No more hassles! No more waiting! Just Pick ‘n Pay! Very ideal for people on-the-go!




So when in Manila, specially when you’re at SM North Edsa Annex, never miss this chance to taste Dimsum Break‘s wide selection of dimsums as well as their one-of-a-kind Steamed Fried Rice and Coconut dessert




Dimsum Break








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Have a Break, Visit Dimsum Break!

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