Has Anyone Seen the Fire that Broke in BPI Greenbelt 1?

As of 9:30am today (July 4, 2016), BPI Greenbelt 1 has been on fire declared under first alarm.

I went out to check what’s going on and I took some photos.

The pictures below were taken at 11:30am and “fire out” has not been announced yet due to the smoke that continues to come out from the said bank. That’s as far as I was allowed to go to, though. I can still see and smell smoke and the heat can be felt even from a distance.

No formal announcements yet, but upon asking the Makati Police Force around the area, they said the fire was caused by “electrical malfunction”.

BPI fire

BPI fire

If you’re passing along this street or any nearby places, please take necessary precautions and rerouting since the road is closed.

Firetrucks are still on standby in front of Greenbelt 1.

Do you have any news about this? Feel free to share it with us.