Harvest Moon: Premium and Rare Farm-To-Table Loose Leaf Teas from All Over The World

As the breeze gets colder and the days seem gloomier, don’t we all need a little bit of comfort? A good cup of hot tea seems like an awesome way to turn a cold day around—especially when you know that you have a cup of fresh and premium tea in your hands.

Harvest Moon is an online shop that takes pride in offering world-class loose-leaf teas. Kat Uytiepo, the woman behind Harvest Moon, shares that she was able to try her first cup of loose leaf tea in an obscure tea shop in Barcelona. That’s where she had the idea of opening up her own tea shop.

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Unfortunately, the lockdown began and it almost seemed like opening up a new business would be close to impossible. That didn’t stop Kat from getting what she wanted.

It wasn’t until my parents had tested positive for COVID and I was so sad and stayed in bed the whole day, that I wished I had a warm cup of tea that I could drink to comfort me, but as far as I know no one sells the kinds of tea that I liked so much in Spain. So I figured I would procure it myself and make it available to other people as well,” she shares with WhenInManila.com.

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Photo by Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon’s loose leaf teas come straight from a facility in Darjeeling, India, close to the most iconic tea estates in India. They also follow a farm-to-table model that ensures freshness and excellent quality. While it may take a while for delivery (since it comes from India!), it’s definitely worth the wait.

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You’d probably think that since it’s imported, it would be expensive. That’s not the case at all! Harvest Moon’s samples start at PHP 99 only, and it could give you at least 5 cups of premium tea. Kat even says that you can steep them more than once… meaning more tea for you!

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Harvest Moon indeed makes exceptional loose leaf teas more accessible for Filipinos without costing an arm and a leg.

But wait, there’s a whole lot more.

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Photo by Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon also offers a wide selection of teas that you can’t find anywhere else in the Philippines. There are exotic tea flavors available such as Ayurvedic Chai, Herbal Tulsi, Hibiscus Green, Chocolate Iced Tea, and many more.

While the days may feel a lot colder, you can definitely find comfort in a warm cup of fresh loose-leaf tea from Harvest Moon.

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