Running out of things to do at home? Here’s where you can read Haruki Murakami’s works online

Four weeks into the enhanced community quarantine and it seems like everyone is going a little stir-crazy. But with the threat of COVID-19, staying at home is very much a non-negotiable. So why not try exploring other lives and realities by picking up a book?

haruki murakami book covers

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Different sites have stepped up to make their online offerings completely free for a reader’s perusal while others have reminded us of those that were always readily available to the public.

The New Yorker is one of the latter, with a selection of Haruki Murakami short stories available online. Their titles include  “U.F.O. in Kushiro,” “The Year of Spaghetti,” “Town of Cats,” “Kino,” “Samsa in Love,” “Cream,” and “Scheherazade.”

Some stories from his novels are accessible as well, namely “Barn Burning,” “Sleep,” “TV People,” and “The Elephant Vanishes.”

Sadly, The New Yorker does have a limit to how many articles you can freely access each month. But if you’re out to binge-read, then you can try out a subscription on their 30-day free trial!

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